Chapter Active Members: Naomi Adams, Jennifer Butler, Virginia Calvin, Deb Childs, Angela Nelson Deuitch, Emma Dockery, Janice Hall, Imogene Harris,  Consuella Hopkins, Shayla Kimbrough, Katrina Lee, Karen Patterson, Tina Patton,  Rosalyn Summerlin, Trion Thomas, Ida Reynolds Watson (LOA), Leslie Wesley, and Myrtle Wilson

The Links, Incorporated Alumna Members: Willie Mae Butts*, Rosamond Byrd, Virginia Chism, Christine Edgerton, Ida Knight, Teresa Phillips, and Vernease Pyles


L-R:: Shayla Kimbrough, Karen Patterson, Deb Childs and Jennifer Butler



Welcome to Our Newest Members

Row 1, L to R: Janice Hall. Naomi Adams, Imogene Harris, and Consuella Hopkins

Row 2, L to R:: Deb Childs Roz Summerlin, Virginia Calvin and Karen Patterson 

Row 3, L to R: Tina Patterson, Jennifer Butler, Trion Thomas and Angela Nelson Deuitch

Not pictured: Emma Dockery, Shayla Kimbrough, Katrina Lee, Leslie Wesley and Myrtle Wilson

Membership is a very important component of our organization. We strive to induct new members on an annual basis. Membership is headed by the 1st Vice President/Membership Chair. Her responsibility is to oversee the process, along with the Membership Committee. On the New Members Page is the 2022 members who was inducted into the South Bend Chapter on June 18, 2022, along with a new member who transferred her membership.

Shayla, Karen and Deb were inducted into the South Bend Area (IN) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated on June 18, 2022. We welcome them and look forward to great things happening our Chapter as we continue to bring in new members with new refreshing ideas. We also welcome Jennifer Butler to our Chapter. Jennifer transferred from the Augusta (GA) Chapter and stated that she is looking forward to becoming more acclimated to our Chapter, in addition to participating in the various initiatives that are currently in progress. We welcome you, Jennifer, and your new ideas you will bring to the chapter and also, welcome to our city. Congratulations!