Kristyanna (Kai) Smith, Category III grades 7-9, Dickinson Fine Arts Academy, “We’re All Human.”

The Arts Facet

Lidia Tobon, Category II grades 6-8, Dickinson Fine Arts Academy, “Stop Child Abuse.”

The Arts facet, chaired by Janice Hall, participated in National’s Poster Arts Contest. The theme was “The Art of Social Justice to Transform Communities.” Dickinson and Jackson Middle Schools were chosen to participate. Students submitted their art work based on the theme. Their work was judged and the top two winners’ art was submitted to The Links, Incorporated to be part of the National’s competition. Work completed by the two students at Dickinson Fine Arts Academy of the South Bend Community School Corporation is now a part of National’s competition and is being judged by the public at large. The winners will be announced at The Links, Incorporated’s National Assembly. Congratulations to the two students who represented the South Bend Area (IN) Chapter in the National Arts Contest.