Central Area Community Service Initiative


L to R: Leslie Wesley, Dr. Cummings, Imogene Harris, Taylor Williams, Director of the Brown Community Learning Center, and Tina Patton

L to R: Dr. Cummings, Tina Patton, Imogene Harris, and Leslie Wesley

L to R: Leslie Wesley, Imogene Harris, Dr. Cummings, and Tina Patton

The Central Area Community Service Initiative - The PoSITivity Bench was launched during our Central Area Leadership Summit, October 31, 2020, with the Louisville (KY) Chapter being the first Chapter to select a partner, the YMCA. This initiative is continuing through our Central Area Conference in July 2021.

This initiative follows an integrative model, using STY, NTS, and HHS, as a backdrop to spotlight the pandemic’s stress on isolation, mental health, suicide, loneliness, and achievement gaps. When a person sits on one of our Po
SITivity Benches, it will encourage youth, adults, and seniors to invite positive relationships, a signal for assistance, request a time to chat, indicate a need to self-reflect and mediate or seek a quiet time to read.

The Community Service Initiative Goal is to install Po
SITivity Benches in all 70 Chapters  of the Central Area.

Leslie Wesley, Programming Chair, has announced that the South Bend Area (IN) Chapter’s Po
SITivity Bench will be located at the Brown Community Learning Center, South Bend, Indiana and will incorporate all of the facets.

The South Bend Area (IN) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated’s goal is to design and conduct programs that are community relevant and have a positive, long-term impact. The Po
SITivity Bench serves many purposes and aligns with Health and Human Services, National Trends and Services, and Services to Youth.

A collaboration was formed with the South Bend Education Foundation in conjunction with the South Bend Community Schools. They purchased the bench and will maintain the bench which will be located at the Brown Community Learning Center.

Tina Patton, President of the South Bend Chapter, stated how appreciative the South Bend Area Chapter is in the collaboration and hope to make South Bend green by placing these “Po
SITivity benches all over the city. We are looking for sponsors all over the city to collaborate with our Chapter to accomplish this goal.

Members of the Executive Committee: Tina Patton, President; Leslie Wesley, Program Chair and Imogene Harris, Recording Secretary met with Dr. C Todd Cummings, Superintendent of South Bend School Corporation and Taylor Williams, Director of Brown Community Learning Center to determine the location of the PoSITivity Bench when completed.

Tina Patton