One of the goals of The Links, Incorporated is to provide service to the community. The South Bend Area (IN) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated has chosen the month of February to show love while providing a service as we celebrate Heart Health month and Valentine’s Day. Children from the Center for the Homeless have been chosen to receive a “Love Bag.” Items were selected based on the ages of the children ranging from infants to teenagers. These items included teddy bears, balls, gloves, socks, sunglasses, pens, pencils, dental floss, toothpaste, toothbrushes, writing pads, water bottles, and other toys. Our high school mentees assisted, along with the Chapter members, in putting the bags together at our meeting on Saturday, February 3, 2018. This was an excellent learning experience for the mentees as they learn to help those less fortunate than themselves.

Members of the South Bend Chapter and programming mentees will deliver the “Love Bags” to the children at the Center for the Homeless on Tuesday, February 13, 2018. More activities such this one will be planned in the future.


What:  A Mentoring Program that addresses the following areas: Coaching, mentoring, interviewing skills, focus on health, finances, hygiene, etiquette, public speaking and an emphasis on services. This program will model National Organization’s mentoring program titled, “The Young Achievers Initiative.”

Why:  There is a need to develop young girls and bring them into the knowledge of who they are and how their lives can make a difference. We would like to position them to make a positive impact in their own lives and those around them. This program addresses Goal #3 of Strategic Priority #1, and as well will include all facet areas in the implementation of the program. College students from the program are possible candidates for Linkdom.

When:  To begin in November and run all year. We will meet once per month on the first Saturday following the Chapter meeting. We will serve lunch to include the youth participants.

Where:  The location of the Program will be in the same location of the Chapter Meeting.

How:  We expect all Link members to participate. We will work in collaboration with the School Corporation, other female organizations and businesses of like missions.

Who:  We will start with 23 girls from high schools. Each girl will be represented by a Link member. We will add the college students to eventually form a triangle of mentoring services.

Topics:  We will include the following topics: Goals and Careers/STEM & Career Awareness, Applying for Scholarships and Essay Writing, Interviewing Skills/Public Speaking, Wellness (Mind & Body), Self-Esteem and Image/Hygiene, Etiquette, and Cyber Safety/Financial Literacy.

Programming Committee Members are:  Tina Patton, Chair; Naomi Adams, The Arts; Angela Logan, International Trends and Services; Consuela Wilson, National Trends and Services; Angela Nelson Deuitch, Services to Youth; and Raquel Foster, Health and Human Services.

“Linking Together to Empower Young Women”

There is a need to develop young girls and bring them into the knowledge of who they are and how their lives can make a difference.

South Bend Area (IN) Chapter Members and Mentees Prepare "Love Bags" for the Children at the Center for the Homeless

Putting bags together to be delivered to the Center for the Homeless