The South Bend Area (IN) Chapter of the Links, Incorporated implemented a Chapter oriented health and wellness initiative in which members modified their eating habits to encompass more nutritious foods. Eight members of the Chapter participated in the 14-day program. Ida Reynolds Watson, Health and Human Services Chair, served as the health coach.

The approach used was to eat a Whole Plant Based Foods (WPBF) meal. A baseline was established which included blood pressure level, blood sugar level. weight, and resting heart rate/pulse. Members did daily journaling of their experiences, daily check-ins, used a buddy system for accountability, implemented educational materials in support of a WPBF eating regime and created a grocery list with recipes provided. Food was selected from the following categories: Veggies-non-starchy; fruit; veggies starchy; breads, sugar, dried fruit, packaged foods; nuts and seeds, dairy products; and oils. Examples of each category were provided to the participants.

​A follow up to this initiative has been planned as the next step. Participants are asked to assist in developing a document that tells their stories and experiences to share with others. The goal is to offer this initiative to the community.

Of the eight participants, five reported their results. A summary of the 14-Day WPBF Initiative showed some impressive results.

Tina Patton has made right choices to eat healthy.

Eating Healthy!


Members          Weight                      Blood Pressure                  Blood Glucose                Pulse

                   Beginning.  End.           Beginning.      End         Beginning.        End     Beginning.    End

    1.                  215.8.    208.8.           173/95.       139/64.          108.              115.              NA

    2.                  178.       167.              145/95.       140/80.          145.              125.             95.             90

    3.                  158.       152.              132/80.       133/80.          122.                75              NA 

    4                   197        181.              NA.                                    NA                                   NA

    5.                   211.3.    205.4.          156/92.        131/87.         174.              121.             75.             76